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Stash additions… 

Well, yesterday I slipped. I went to the Glebe Farmer’s market and ended up coming home with two new skeins of locally sourced wool…

The Log House CottageIMG_3566

The Log House Cottage is a farm located just South of Ottawa in North Gower. They produce hand-dyed yarns, such as silk, merino-bamboo, baby camel, and highland wool. Their yarn is absolutely stunning. The colours are vibrant and the yarn is soft. I bought a skein of their Monster Ball (chunky Highland wool, 470 m) in blues and greens. This skein should knit/weave up a few decent projects!

The Milkhouse Dairy and FarmIMG_3567
The Milkhouse Dairy and Farm is located in Smiths Falls, Ontario. They produce farmstead sheeps’ milk cheeses, grass-fed lamb, and all-natural wool products. Their wool is sourced from their flock of British Milk Sheep, and they offer their 2- and 3-ply yarns in a lovely natural/undyed  hue. Excited to work with this wool! It’s so nice knowing where your yarn comes from when you’re knitting or weaving. I mean look at these cuties!


Again, I’m not sure what I’ll do with these new additions yet, but I’m already crafting plans for a new weaving that is blue, green and white! It’ll be fun to see what these skeins turn into.

But really… no more new additions after this…



Hi, my name is Danuta, and I am a yarn addict. I have been knitting for almost three years now, and my yarn stash is starting to take over my life. It’s small in comparison to other serious knitters, but it’s quite sizable to me in my little apartment–I need to d(e)-stash my yarn collection.

This is my yarn stash at the moment… or at least most of it (the rest is hidden away in closets and under the bed). It is probably more yarn than I know what to do with right now.


What I plan on doing is making things out of all of this before I can let myself buy new yarn.  I can see a few knitted sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens and a even a few woven tapestries that will come out of my stash.

Here’s to happy knitting!

This blog will follow my d-stashing journey as I knit and weave my way to less yarn.

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