New Year, New Knits (and old knits too…)

So update on a few things. Haven’t been knitting as much as I would like, because, well, life.

Things that are finished: 

Magdalen scarf/wrap! I ended up giving this one to my mother for Christmas 🙂 Now, I might make one for myself in a beautiful greyish/blue yarn that I got as a gift!

IMG_3605-1 11947582_10204162520177222_5352702865388876939_n

Things that aren’t finished: 

TRUSS cardigan

BTWP9-4 IMG_3642

September Weaving Challenge… It’s almost done (this isn’t the most recent photo), just have to do a few more sections and finishing touches.











I’m all over the place with my knitting right now, but I was looking for something simple to knit over my Reading Week, so I decided to start with the back of this sweater:

QUADRILLION by Meaghan Fernandes (published in PomPom Magazine Issue No. 6 Autumn 2013)


I’m starting by knitting the back which is knit in a simple moss stitch because the front is quite complicated to knit with different cables and such (the chart is a bit intimidating).

Should be fun! Pix to come soon!






d-stashed project #1: Truss sweater limbo

I’ve hit that moment when you’re knitting a sweater and you start to get bored with the project.

For me, it started when I realized that I had to rip out several rows of the front of the body of the sweater. I hate ripping out parts of my work, and because I hate it, I don’t want to do it… Which means my project has been in limbo for a week or so… I just need the inspiration to start work on it again!

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at new knitting patterns since the new issue of PomPom Magazine has come out in digital form! I really want to knit the Magdalen scarf by Joji Locatelli…


But no, one project at a time, right?

#WIP: weaving 

I started this weaving on an Unusual Pear frame loom almost 9 weeks ago. I used a mix of two yarn packs from the Unusual Pear and Maryanne Moodie‘s Etsy shops, and some local fiber I picked up at Wabi Sabi

I should pick this up again… After I finish Truss, of course.  


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