project #1

d-stashed project #1: knit everywhere and anywhere 

I love to knit everywhere and anywhere! I often knit in strange places–well places other people find strange–like the bus, the pub, and on my lunch breaks at work.

It often gets people talking about knitting and breaks the stereotype that knitting is just something your grandmother does.

More people should knit in public!


d-stashed project #1: knitting in Prince Edward County 

Last weekend, I took a trip to Prince Edward County, Ontario to visit family, and I decided that in between visiting wineries and other sites in the County I would get a head start on my Truss sweater. 


The Lavender Farm

d-stashed project #1

For my first d-stashed project, I decided to knit Brooklyn Tweed’s Truss cardigan from Wool People 9 (seen above).

mineral heather yarnWhat I’m using: instead of using Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter yarn, I am using my KnitPicks’ worsted weight yarn in Mineral Heather. This lovely Peruvian Highland wool is a bluish grey color that has a variety of shades including blue, red, and a light violet. I think it will look great knitted up into Brooklyn Tweed’s Truss pattern.

Skeins busted: 9-10

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