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Weaving is DONE!

The weaving I posted about before (see here) is done!

I spent a few hours yesterday and today finishing it up. It was a bit of a challenge getting it off the loom, and I suck at weaving in the ends of the warp to attach it to the little dowel that I bought to hang it. The back looks REALLY ugly. I also haven’t woven the loose ends of the weft in yet either… another day. 

For now, I’m happy with how it looks 🙂 🙂


past projects: first weaving

When I decided to learn how to weave several months ago, I found a great little hand loom on which to learn from Fringe Supply Co. It’s made of maple and it’s about the size of a medium-size picture frame (approx 7″ x 8″). It took me only a few hours to warp my loom and weave my first little wall hanging. Fringe Supply Co. also provides a GREAT little tutorial on their blog on how to get started, and it really helped me start my first project.

Despite a little bit of a rough ending taking it off the loom, I think this turned into a pretty good first attempt at weaving!

img_1368 img_1371img_1090 img_1254

past projects: Brooklyn Tweed’s Adara sweater

One of my first completed sweater projects was Brooklyn Tweed’s Adara sweater. I knit this sweater in one month (still can’t believe that) using Cascade 220 yarn (worsted weight).

IMG_0453 IMG_0487               IMG_0552 IMG_0786                 IMG_0702 IMG_0830

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