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d-stashed project #1: Truss sweater limbo

I’ve hit that moment when you’re knitting a sweater and you start to get bored with the project.

For me, it started when I realized that I had to rip out several rows of the front of the body of the sweater. I hate ripping out parts of my work, and because I hate it, I don’t want to do it… Which means my project has been in limbo for a week or so… I just need the inspiration to start work on it again!

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at new knitting patterns since the new issue of PomPom Magazine has come out in digital form! I really want to knit the Magdalen scarf by Joji Locatelli…


But no, one project at a time, right?


past projects: Brooklyn Tweed’s Adara sweater

One of my first completed sweater projects was Brooklyn Tweed’s Adara sweater. I knit this sweater in one month (still can’t believe that) using Cascade 220 yarn (worsted weight).

IMG_0453 IMG_0487               IMG_0552 IMG_0786                 IMG_0702 IMG_0830

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