Visual update on my September Challenge Weaving! 




3ft of PomPom Mag’s Magdalen Scarf Done!

It’s been two weeks and I have about half of the scarf done. 

Sneak peak at today’s progress 

Spent a little too much time working on this new project today, and didn’t get much else done :S 

The Weaving Kind September 2015 Challenge

This month I am participating in The Weaving Kind‘s weaving challenge for September 2015. Each month a weaver from the Instagram community takes over the Weaving Kind’s account and poses a challenge to the weaving community to create a tapestry based on a certain theme–this month’s theme is COLOR. Since I just finished a new tapestry yesterday, I thought I would try my hand at creating something for this month’s challenge.

This month there are two options:

Option ONE:
Pick two analogous colors. What? Analogous colors are right next to each other on the color wheel. For example: blue & green, magenta & violet or orange & yellow.
Option TWO:
Pick a pair of complementary colors. Again, what? Complementary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. For example: red & green, yellow & purple or magenta & chartreuse.

  • Pick a color palette from the two options above.
  • Use only those colors for your September weaving, (a little black and/or white is okay too).
  • Your design can be inspired by your color choices OR feel free to pick colors to evoke an idea you already have.

HINT: No matter which colors you pick you aren’t limited to just one version of each of them, (although that’s certainly an option). i.e. If you pick blue & green you can use 17 varieties of blue and three varieties of green if you want to.

I opted to go for the analogous colors, since I have a lot of them in my stash. Plus, since it’s almost Fall I opted to go for hues of yellow and orange and a bit of white.



Weaving is DONE!

The weaving I posted about before (see here) is done!

I spent a few hours yesterday and today finishing it up. It was a bit of a challenge getting it off the loom, and I suck at weaving in the ends of the warp to attach it to the little dowel that I bought to hang it. The back looks REALLY ugly. I also haven’t woven the loose ends of the weft in yet either… another day. 

For now, I’m happy with how it looks 🙂 🙂

The life-saving haircut of an Australian sheep

“While merinos are typically sheared every spring, rescuers think the sheep, named Chris, had probably had never been shorn. His wool had grown to about four to five times the normal amount of wool for a merino sheep, resulting in some serious health problems.”

Just saw this story in the news about an Australian sheep who hadn’t been sheared in FIVE years, and THANK GOODNESS that someone alerted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals! The poor thing had probably never been shorn and he had been carrying over 89lbs of wool on its back–which could break a Guinness World Record!


The current progress of my Magdalen scarf 🙂 

**update: just realized that I missed one of the cables on the twisted rope side… Whoops, oh well. 

d-stashed project #3 & project #2 (update): magdalen scarf & sock yarn blanket

Well, I caved. I started knitting the Magdalen scarf using Knit Pick’s Brava worsted weight yarn. It is a wonderful cabled adventure into fall scarf knitting.

Cables are so much fun to knit. I was very intimidated by them when I first learned how to knit them a few years ago, but they are very simple when you learn how to read the patterns and carry the stitched over. They keep me engaged, and create a beautiful texture and depth in the knitting.

So. Much. Fun. 

But yes, update on the sock yarn blanket: I have three little squares now 🙂

Two are made with Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn in wonderful electric blue hues, and the other (pictured in my previous post) is made with  Madeleine Tosh’s hand-dyed sock yarn in FlashDance.

d-stashed project #2: sock yarn blanket 

What do you do with left over sock yarn?

MAKE A SOCK YARN BLANKET! aka the ultimate stash busting project.

(I should also consider doing one of these with all my worsted weight yarn too)

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