Round Weaving

Made this round weaving for my best-friend’s birthday!


#25000 Tuques for Syrian Refugees

I’ll be taking part of this Quebec initiative to welcome refugees by knitting a hat as part of this mass hat knitting movement that has spread across Canada #25000tuques 🙂 🙂

How-to video: Knitting!

It’s been more than a month since I’ve posted an update on my knitting projects, and that’s because I’ve been very busy with my various school projects. Right now, I’m in school learning various techniques in Interactive Media Management, and for one of my classes I made a short “how-to” video teaching people how to cast on and begin your first knitted stitches.

Check it out!

The life-saving haircut of an Australian sheep

“While merinos are typically sheared every spring, rescuers think the sheep, named Chris, had probably had never been shorn. His wool had grown to about four to five times the normal amount of wool for a merino sheep, resulting in some serious health problems.”

Just saw this story in the news about an Australian sheep who hadn’t been sheared in FIVE years, and THANK GOODNESS that someone alerted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals! The poor thing had probably never been shorn and he had been carrying over 89lbs of wool on its back–which could break a Guinness World Record!


d-stashed project #1: Truss side panel is done! 

The side panelling for my Truss sweater is now complete! Managed to get the last few rows of the chart done on my bus ride to work this morning 😊 


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