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Spring Knitting

 School is done. Student work contract is done. Time for more knitting. 

So, here’s the update on my Quadrillion sweater: I have now finished knitting the back of the sweater.

It was very easy to do with a 2×2 rib at the bottom and an all-over seed stitch for the body. I did the back first because the front pattern was getting confusing with all of the different cables and their different number of rows/stitches. I needed a break and to come up with a better way of keeping track of the cable patterns before going back to the front of the sweater.

I mean look at it:


It is a mess of different patterns. I love it, but I hate it right now.

Perhaps it is because I am a bit frustrated with the front of the Quadrillion sweater (or that I want to avoid working on it) that I decided to start something new! I started working on the Amalia shell pattern by Quince & Co with Shibui’s Staccato yarn in Abyss. This yarn is so soft and will have a lovely drape to it once it is worked up in this pattern. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it feels to wear this beautiful top when it’s done.



Round Weaving

Made this round weaving for my best-friend’s birthday!

The Benefits of Knitting (Motion Infographic)

So recently I was asked to design a motion infographic for a class using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. This is what I came up with (well, at least for the first draft of the animation at least):

New Year, New Knits (and old knits too…)

So update on a few things. Haven’t been knitting as much as I would like, because, well, life.

Things that are finished: 

Magdalen scarf/wrap! I ended up giving this one to my mother for Christmas 🙂 Now, I might make one for myself in a beautiful greyish/blue yarn that I got as a gift!

IMG_3605-1 11947582_10204162520177222_5352702865388876939_n

Things that aren’t finished: 

TRUSS cardigan

BTWP9-4 IMG_3642

September Weaving Challenge… It’s almost done (this isn’t the most recent photo), just have to do a few more sections and finishing touches.











I’m all over the place with my knitting right now, but I was looking for something simple to knit over my Reading Week, so I decided to start with the back of this sweater:

QUADRILLION by Meaghan Fernandes (published in PomPom Magazine Issue No. 6 Autumn 2013)


I’m starting by knitting the back which is knit in a simple moss stitch because the front is quite complicated to knit with different cables and such (the chart is a bit intimidating).

Should be fun! Pix to come soon!





#25000 Tuques for Syrian Refugees

I’ll be taking part of this Quebec initiative to welcome refugees by knitting a hat as part of this mass hat knitting movement that has spread across Canada #25000tuques 🙂 🙂

How-to video: Knitting!

It’s been more than a month since I’ve posted an update on my knitting projects, and that’s because I’ve been very busy with my various school projects. Right now, I’m in school learning various techniques in Interactive Media Management, and for one of my classes I made a short “how-to” video teaching people how to cast on and begin your first knitted stitches.

Check it out!

Still knitting away… 

The Magdalen Scarf now measures 5 feet in length. It still needs a few more inches to be truly the cosiest scarf I own, I think.

When your nail polish matches your knitting

Aw yea 😍

Magdalen Scarf is 2/3 done! 

You guys, I’m almost done this scarf 🙂 

That means that I’ll be able to wear it once things really start to cool down outside! It would also be super helpful to wear this warm wrap in class (it’s still air conditioned even though temperatures outside are ~20-25 degrees)

20 inches to go! Almost. Done.

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