Hi, my name is Danuta, and I am a yarn addict. I have been knitting for almost three years now, and my yarn stash is starting to take over my life. It’s small in comparison to other serious knitters, but it’s quite sizable to me in my little apartment–I need to d(e)-stash my yarn collection.

This is my yarn stash at the moment… or at least most of it (the rest is hidden away in closets and under the bed). It is probably more yarn than I know what to do with right now.


What I plan on doing is making things out of all of this before I can let myself buy new yarn.  I can see a few knitted sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens and a even a few woven tapestries that will come out of my stash.

Here’s to happy knitting!

This blog will follow my d-stashing journey as I knit and weave my way to less yarn.